The Ensemble

Concert Band is the ensemble that meets as a regularly scheduled class with a few after school rehearsals each spring semester. This ensemble performs at concerts and other musical functions at Oakdale High.

There is a required fee for uniform maintenance for this course.

Concert Band is open to 9th to 12th grade students who have achieved a reasonable degree of proficiency on a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. Emphasis is placed on performance, technical skills and theory, as well as developing an appreciation for canonical Wind Band repertoire. There is a county CRES exam at the end of each music course (See Syllabus for more information).

Google Classroom

We use Google Classroom for submitting assignments, permission forms, listening examples, and schedules for events throughout the semester.

All students are required to enroll. Simply enter Google Classroom with your student FCPS email and enter code the code given to you in class to join! If you have issues with access, see Mrs. Hill ASAP.

Chair Auditions

Chair auditions will take place during the first week of the semester. Students will be given a short excerpt to prepare, along with scales up to 4 sharps/flats in one octave to determine seating within their section. Refusal to participate in chair auditions will result in a placement of last chair.

Chair auditions are designed to see where students will be most successful, but we know that sometimes we have an "off day." Chair challenges are allowed to challenge for a higher chair within the first three weeks of rehearsal on the current concert literature. Information on this process will be shared during class.

Upcoming Events